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We offer beginners lessons with guaranteed sucess!

Sure you can do it! We promise you to get you on the board! It can be much easier than you were thinking.

We are so convinced of our teaching method, that we offer you a "money back" guarantee. And good prices: 129 Euro for a 5-hours course + a full week of material rental.

advanced windsurfers

You know that problem: power jibe works more or less, but you do not know how to perfectionate it. We show you how to do it, success may be much closer than you think!

Finally power jibes with confidence! Then continue to other, more advanced manoevers, try the duckjibe, spock, flacka. Our instructors are eager to show you that you can do that too! Or maybe time for a frontloop?

You have been reading about these manoevers but did not know how to get into that stuff? We have developed a training method that brings you into these radical tricks. Ready to try ? Let us take you there, no need to be afraid!


The dream of the advanced windsurfer! Do it her, in Cabarete, in an safe and convenient way. The location of our reef is perfect, just get into it step by step. No need to fight your way across strong shorebreak, just cruise some 600 meters flat water to get to the reef. Then the fun begins, the goya bords are perfect for all situations you will find there. Just try it!


Cabarete is among the leading spots worldwide for this kind of watersports, catching more and more popularity. Many innovations and developments in material and riding technique started right here.

So it is no surprise to see the best kitesurfers from all over the world here in Cabarete. Welcome to the community, no matter if you are professional or beginner.

We are dedicated to qualified and safe beginners instruction. Start riding after only a few hours of training!

Packages start as low as 60 Euro for people who just like to give it a try.

If you are more serious, we recommend a full package of 6-10 lessons of instruction.

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surfing (wave riding, no sail!)

Check if you find the "perfect wave" here in Cabarete. Chances are good, we have one of the best spots, and really good instructors right here!

Cabarete is wellknown among surfers.

Let us show you how to do it. The waves are waiting for you!

Kiteboarding lessons in cooperation with NO WORK TEAM, Cabarete