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We gladly help everyone who is not familiar with the Dominican Republic. Our motto is: there is no dumb questions. ( only dumb answers). So don’t be shy and ask…

How to get here: It is recommended to fly directly to Puerto Plata (POP). Cabarete is only 20 min from the airport. There is a variety of airlines which fly directly to Puerto Plata. From Germany there is LTU daily, Condor 2 to 3 times per week. American Airlines flies daily from the USA to POP and from Canada there are many flight from the big cities. For more details please click here.

Currency: The official currency is the Dominican peso (RD$). Most people prefer to bring traveler cheques. There is plenty of banks and change offices to exchange money. Many hotels, restaurants and gift shops will accept credit cards. Credit Cards can also be used in all banks to receive Pesos. Up to 20.000 Pesos. (approx. 600 UD$).

Arrival (needed documents):A tourist card is required to enter the Dominican Republic. Depending on the airline it can either be included or not. The card can be bought for 10 US$ at arrival time. Keep it until departure. US travelers can come with a birth certificate but need to check it with the airline.

Attention Sun: Don’t do underestimate the sun on these parallels. Beside sunglasses and sun block, a long sleeved lycra should also be packed. It is recommended to use long pants and a pair of good shoes to rent a motor bike (125 ccm) or for horseback riding.

Drinking: Do not drink the tap water but there is plenty of bottled water available. The ice to cool the drinks can be used with no worries.

:Electricity: The voltage is 110 V like in the States with the same plugs for Europeans please bring adapter (but are also provided here)

Weather: The moths of May and November are the rainy season. It is always possible to have smaller or lager showers at any time but mostly during the evening or at night.

Medical: There is a professional 24 hour clinic available in Cabarete with a dentist. The clinic is run by foreign (german) and dominican doctors. They are speaking English, German, French and Spanish. There are also lots of pharmacies in town. For typical non emergency first aid and pharmaceutical needs.

Communication, Telephone, Internet: Café Pitu provides free wireless internet access. You can use your own Laptop or PDA in the Café or even chill on the easy chair on the beach and surf the internet for free. Phone using skype or other providers, with or without webcam. However you like. If you don’t want to bring your laptop, you can phone with the cell phones. Most hotels also provide a phone and fax service.Children welcome

Cabarete is a favorite destination for families. It is very easy to hire a babysitter case you want to “surf together”. The beach is protected from the wind and ideal for kids. In summer we offer special childcare.

Car rental: Normally no car is necessary in Cabarete. But if you would like to explore the island, many international or independent car rentals are available to find the perfect car. Don’t forget the passport and driver license.

Public transport: Guag Guag’s (Mini Vans), Caritos (cars), Moto Conchos (Motorbikes) are available for a few Pesos (10 – 40 RD$) around the clock. If you like it more comfortable, taxis are available also (min. 200 – 300 RD$ for short distance 5 km). The taxi fair from the airport Puerto Plata to Cabarete costs approximately 25 – 35 US.

Supermarket: A few small and big supermarkets are located in Cabarete for everyone who enjoy to cook at home. All of them can be reached by foot.

Wale watching: February and March are perfect for wale watching. Birth and reproduction occur during these month in the bay of Samana.

Sandcastle Competition: One can either participate or enjoy the sandcastle competition as a spectator.International Events

In the last few years the Cabarete Classic has returned. It is a windsurf competition which includes the Formula, Slalom and Freestyle. Everybody can participate. Also the world cup of kitesurfing has been held here for several years.

And jazz lovers can enjoy the jazz festival once a year.